In thrall to home Heimþrá A walking project

Heimþrá - In thrall to home

A walking project by Winnipeg artist
Erika MacPherson in the
Interlake of Manitoba, Canada.

Erika is walking the 120 mile
boundary of the land allotted
in 1875 to the Icelandic immigrants
and ritually un-naming the places
named by the settlers in New Iceland.

While walking, GPS co-ordinates
are being uploaded to the live map.

You can track her progress here
on the live map as well as
follow the project as she posts
photos and stories as she goes.

You can join Erika at any time
on the walk, she is happy to have
accompaniment during
this pilgrimage.

Entry 01 May 28, 2010 - The small door of the improbable (Next Entry)

Walk slowly (In Thrall to Home)
I am waiting (not waiting for something unknown)
The ritual is quiet (heart in a stone)
Notice. (we're not alone)